Guin Records is a fully operational independent record label based in the United States that provides first class production, promotion and distribution for undiscovered hip-hop and R&B artists around the world.


Guin Records believes that making music is a team sport.


Dedicated to helping artists get the start that they deserve, Guin connects sensational undiscovered talent with the crucial resources needed for producing high quality soundtracks.


The record label started from a college dorm room, where Milan Kordestani spent hours exploring urban talent and listening to new music from rising artists on Soundcloud and Youtube. Upon identifying remarkable hip-hop artists who had the talent to make something of themselves but lacked the network and proper tools to launch their music career, Kordestani knew he wanted to help.


Looking to partner with someone well in-tune with the music industry, Milan decided to partner with his sister Misha who can pick out a hit track better than anyone else he knows. The combination of Milan’s business mind and Misha’s artistic vision solidified a unstoppable record producing duo.