Blog 18 Apr

Fresh Releases and Vinyl Drops

Written by Misha Kordestani | < 1 min read

Dear Guins,

I hope those of you who attended Coachella last week are catching up on some well-deserved rest and hydration! Unfortunately I couldn’t make it this year, but loved following the live streams of Peso Pluma, Saint Levant and Doja Cats’ performances.

Jean Deaux’s “nowhere, fast” Makes a Splash

Last Friday was a landmark moment for us at Guins as we celebrated our first female release of 2024! Jean Deaux’s EP “Nowhere, Fast” has had a phenomenal first week, securing spots on over 30 playlists and gracing the cover of 5! Dive into Jean’s journey of self-discovery and personal growth by listening to the EP here.

My favorite track right now? “Thinkin,” featuring Destin Conrad.

Curtis Waters’ “BAD SON” Now on Vinyl

We’re thrilled to announce our very first physical release—Curtis Waters’ “BAD SON” is now available on vinyl! This album is a powerful narrative exploring the immigrant experience and the pursuit of success within a capitalist society. Themes of self-acceptance and resilience echo throughout this work, as it addresses the healing of deep-rooted trauma.

Secure your vinyl copy here!