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Tuning into Well-Being with Brandon Holman & Anticipating Jean Deaux’s EP

Written by Misha Kordestani | 2 min read

Dear Guins,

In this week’s captivating edition of the Guin Huddle podcast, we delve into “Sound Mind, Sound Music: Brandon Holman’s Dual Path to Artist Success.” Join us as Brandon Holman, our VP of Artist Wellness and Marketing and the visionary behind The Lazuli Collective, shares his innovative approach to marrying music marketing with artist well-being.

Brandon provides an intimate look into his journey, the challenges of startup life, and the unwavering support of his family. He explores the delicate balance between nurturing artists’ creative dreams and safeguarding their mental health, offering invaluable strategies to combat artist burnout, cultivate a “hustler’s mentality,” and achieve a fulfilling career in the bustling music industry.

This episode promises to enlighten anyone fascinated by the interplay between music, marketing, and mental health. Listen to the podcast here!

Coming Up This Friday: Jean Deaux’s EP “Nowhere, Fast”

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Jean Deaux’s EP, “Nowhere, Fast.” Pre-save the EP here and embark on a journey through Jean’s narrative of self-discovery and personal growth. This EP signifies a pivotal shift from seeking validation to a profound introspective exploration.

This narrative promises to inspire listeners to carve out their own paths, shedding the burdens of the past to uncover their true destinations in the journey of life. There may also be an exciting feature on one of the tracks for you all to watch out for!

The Gossip: Big Business Moves and Cultural Highlights

*Chartmetric launches Onesheet out of beta, a platform for artists and managers to create digital one-sheets quickly, following its acquisition in October 2022, now offering advanced customization and analytics features. Read more

* Spotify launches an AI Playlist generator in the UK and Australia, allowing Premium users to create personalized music playlists from text prompts, further integrating artificial intelligence into its services. Read more

* Artists are having their music removed from Digital Service Providers (DSPs) due to streaming fraud they didn’t commit, as part of the industry’s crackdown on fraud, affecting their income and distribution. Read more

* Rihanna hints at a unique approach for her next album ‘R9’, focusing on visual concepts before music, a reversal of her usual process, and teases new, diverse ideas without confirmed songs yet.  Read more

Warm regards,

Misha Kordestani

President/Co-Founder, Guin Records