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Spring Vibes & Inspirational Journeys with Jean Deaux

Written by Misha Kordestani | 3 min read

Dear Guins,

Happy Spring! As we navigate through the celestial twists of Mercury in retrograde, our spirits remain high, fueled by the anticipation of new releases. This week we shine a light on Jean Deaux, an artist whose recent work encapsulates the essence of dreaming big and the introspective journey of self-discovery.

Guin Artist Spotlight: Jean Deaux
This week, we’re thrilled to feature Jean Deaux, our first female Guin signee and release of 2024! Her recent single, “Dreamin’,” invites listeners on a nostalgic voyage from her humble beginnings to her impressive achievements. This musical time capsule, echoing the dreams of her youth to be a filmmaker, songwriter, and director, serves as an inspirational challenge to us all. It prompts a reflection on our childhood ambitions and the pursuit of those dreams into adulthood, making “Dreamin'” a call to action for everyone to allow their youthful aspirations to shape their future.

Listen to “Dreamin'” here

We’re also excited about the upcoming release of her EP, “nowhere, fast,” set to debut on April 12th. This work marks an evolution in Jean’s narrative, from seeking external validation to embarking on an introspective quest for authenticity and growth. Through her journey of self-discovery amidst life’s stagnation, Jean Deaux explores the essence of personal fulfillment beyond the fast-paced and often directionless motions of life.

Pre-save “nowhere, fast” here

Celebrating “BAD SON Deluxe” by Curtis Waters
Yesterday, we witnessed the much-anticipated release of Curtis Waters’ “BAD SON Deluxe,” a profound narrative that dives into the complexities of the immigrant experience, the relentless pursuit of fame, and the journey towards self-acceptance. This album extension, featuring instrumental tracks, allows Curtis to peel back the layers of his creative process, offering listeners a glimpse into the intricate world of beat-making and collaboration. “BAD SON Deluxe” is not just a collection of songs but a testament to Curtis Waters’ evolution as an artist and producer.

Listen here!

What’s Next
Jean Deaux’s and Curtis Waters’ latest works epitomize the essence of Guin Records: a commitment to storytelling that challenges, heals, and inspires. As we navigate the days ahead, let their music be a reminder of the power of authenticity and the importance of forging our own paths in the pursuit of our dreams.

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Misha Kordestani
Co-Founder and President, Guin Records