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Highlights and Recovery Tips Post-SXSW

Written by Misha Kordestani | 3 min read

Dear Guins,

Welcome back! We hope you’ve had a chance to unwind after an amazing week at SXSW. As we settle back into our routines, we wanted to share some of the standout moments and insights from Austin. Here’s a quick recap of our favorite panel takeaways and some tips to help you recover from the week’s adventures.

Favorite Panel Takeaway: ‘The Cost of Not Prioritizing Wellness’

This panel was a highlight for us, especially with our own Head of Marketing and Artist Wellness, Brandon Holman, taking the stage. The conversation opened up an essential dialogue on preventing burnout for both employees and artists. Here are some key takeaways:

Madeline Nelson from Amazon Music emphasized the significance of setting boundaries, especially when working from home. She shared a powerful reminder: “The lower your boundaries go, the same goes for all versions of your wellness. Putting our mask on first, protecting ourselves, and getting to optimal health by having boundaries doesn’t mean you’re not available. It means you teach your partners and artists that you need to be the best you to assist them in becoming the best them.”

Brandon Holman shared his vision for the music industry: “Modeling the music industry I want to see, an industry where people don’t feel they have to give up their soul and life for a dream that ultimately breaks them, chews them up, and spits them out. At Guin, we’re trying to do our best by being a business and making a profit, but having authentic and genuine relationships with our artists, managers, and employees.”

SXSW Recovery Mode by Brandon Holman:

Post-SXSW, many of us find ourselves in a whirlwind of recovery, sifting through a blend of exhilaration and exhaustion. SXSW, with its vibrant mix of music, film, and interactive media, leaves us buzzing with inspiration but also craving rest. To bounce back, prioritize resetting your sleep cycle by soaking in daylight and dialing down evening screen time to cue your body for rest. Nutrition is key; replenish with immune-boosting supplements like vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin D, and focus on meals rich in greens, proteins, and healthy fats to recover from the fast-paced event dining. Don’t let the networking opportunities slip by; organize your contacts, personalize your follow-ups, and offer value to foster meaningful connections. Remember, recovery is holistic—take this time to rejuvenate physically and strategize for the opportunities ahead, ensuring you emerge from the post-SXSW haze ready to tackle your next challenge.

The Gossip: Big Business Moves and Cultural Highlights

The Living Wage For Musicians Act, introduced by U.S. Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Jamaal Bowman, aims to set a minimum streaming royalty payment of 1 cent per stream to ensure musicians can earn a living wage. Funded by platform subscription fees and a 10% levy on non-subscription revenue, this proposal seeks to provide fair compensation for artists, addressing the challenges posed by current streaming rates and policies that marginalize smaller artists. Read more

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill requiring ByteDance to divest TikTok or face a ban, signaling a major legislative move against the platform amid national security concerns. Read more

Deezer strategically purged 26 million tracks from its platform, targeting noise, mono-track albums, fake artists, and long-unlistened content, in a concerted effort to elevate the overall user experience and ensure the delivery of high-quality, relevant musical offerings. Read more

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Misha Kordestani
Co-Founder and President, Guin Records